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Introducing v3.0

valueMedia Advertising Ltd

Your one-stop advertising and digital solutions provider


your best choice in
out-of-home advertising

valueMedia provides a multitude of advertising opportunities within the BRT Bus Network in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our BRT brands such as BRT TV, BRT Fresh and BRT Cares provide an oppurtunity for young and aspiring creatives to showcase their talent to millions.

Media Agencies & Large Organizations

We offer large-scale advertising suitable for larger organizations and media agencies. Our platform provides monitoring and reporting facilities to aid in the management, compliance and supervision of ads

SME's and Start-ups

We understand that the need for affordable advertising (at a large scale) is growing at a fast rate and we know this has not been possible. Therefore, we have created special packages to satisfy this need.

Creatives, Musicians & Comedians

We offer specially tailored TV segments and platforms to enable high user exposure for new and innovative products.


the largest bus network in nigeria.


we provide several advertising options
to meet your specific need.


everything you need, all in one place

In-Bus LED Screens (OOH)

With over 400 BRT buses plying the busiest route in Lagos, ValueMedia provides Out-of-Home (OOH) content services and advertising solutions via Digital LED screens under the brand BRT TV. We also offer specialized programmes such as BRT Fresh and BRT Cares to connect specific types of content creators to their audiences.

Exterior Bus Branding

Also known as BRT Bus Wraps or Moving Billboards; ValueMedia facilitates the sale of large print adverts on the exterior of BRT buses. We ensure efficiency and professionalism in managing all ad campaigns coming through us. We also understand the importance of brand integrity and the need to maintain & improve business relationships.

Interior Bus Branding

We offer branding on the inside of BRT buses by branding the back of the seats & hand-holders. This offers a relatively inexpensive and affordable means of advertising brands to the daily commuters.


ValueMedia offers outdoor Billboard services around the Lagos Metropolis; We also constructed the Largest Billboards in Oniru which includes an LED Billboard.


Our strong relationships, professionalism and strong work ethics make us the most powerful transit media company in the country.

We make all this, easy for you to access and afford.


reach out to us, we are at your service

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